About Us

A Brand Story...

Welcome Brothers & Sisters, Mothers & Fathers, Nieces & Nephews, Cousins, Second Cousins, Brothers & Sisters from another Mother and all twice removed. My name is Bobby. I'm an Uncle. Here's the gear. Each one tells a story, some personal, some just fun. Hope you dig! UNCLE BOBBY - a brand of wonderment & Uncle gear.

How did this start ?

When we first moved to ft. worth from San Diego (5 years ago!), Uncle Bobby was just a dude with nieces and nephews. We’d show up at basketball games and school parades and my family would introduce me as “Uncle Bobby”. Next thing i knew, some cool kid i just met was calling me Uncle. Someone passes me on the street, “Hey, Uncle Bobby!” I guess the name stuck. Then the ideas started flowing...Linger Longer, Date Night, Daddy Day Care...fun ones that you wanna dream about and wrestle with and then wear it, ya know? Like a badge of honor. One tee led to another, to six, to multiple, to a shop, to one order, to a dozen, to a hundred, to two hundred...


The pursuit of wonder gets curbed quickly by realities and deadlines. My girls and I have always gone camping or built tree houses to keep the embers glowing. The imagination is like a muscle that needs burpies.  Otherwise, atrophy.  For us being crammed in a tent or simply playing tag became the impetus for curating a deeper longing than the ordinary provides. And that's really how these tees came to be. It’s crazy where the imagination can take you, if you let it.


Remember that time (yesterday!) you ordered a toothbrush off Amazon and it arrived on your door step the following morning? Well, this is kinda the opposite of that. I have a day job. So does wifey. Our girls are in school...BUT will your order get packed with tender lovin' care by a 12 year old girl trying to earn allowance? Indeed!

Uncle Bobby Was Here.

To the endless pursuit of a horizon that bends and distorts the closer you get to it...to many nights under the stars...to many failures and bad ideas...to wonder found in the scars, stitches & surgeries...and to those places that are seldom traveled, may the flag say, "Uncle Bobby Was Here." 

-Uncle Bobby