About Us

Linger Longer...

Hello & welcome to Uncle Bobby. The pursuit of wonder gets curbed quickly by realities and deadlines. My girls and I have always gone camping or built tree houses to keep the embers glowing. What started unintentionally, quickly became intentional. The imagination is like a muscle that needs burpies.  Otherwise, atrophy.  For us being crammed in a tent or simply playing tag became the impetus for curating a deeper longing than the ordinary provides. And that's really how these tees came to be.

Remember that time (yesterday!) you ordered a toothbrush off Amazon and it arrived on your door step the following morning? Well, this is kinda the opposite of that. I have a day job. So does Jenna. Our girls are in school...BUT will your order get packed with tender lovin' care by a 12 year old girl trying to earn allowance? Indeed!

To the endless pursuit of a horizon that bends and distorts the closer you get to it...to many nights under the stars...to many failures and bad ideas...to wonder found in the scars, stitches & surgeries...and to those places that are seldom traveled, may the flag say, "Uncle Bobby Was Here." 

-Uncle Bobby